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Who Is Innovative Express Care?

Innovative Express Care is an urgent and primary care facility focused on disrupting and simplifying the way healthcare is delivered. Centered around a philosophy of utilizing new, innovative technology to empower patients and better their lives, Innovative Express Care believes in doing things differently.

Founded by Dr. Rahul Khare, a physician known for patient advocacy and with over 10 years experience in the emergency room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Dr. Khare set out to create a clinic that truly changed and challenged healthcare boundaries on a local level.

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Why Innovative Express Care is Different

Technology to Simplify Healthcare

Always striving to be on the forefront of emerging technology, Innovative Express Care believes that technology should simplify, not complicate the healthcare process. Thus, Innovative Express Care takes measures to integrate technology into all aspects of patient care and provides a plethora of options that other clinics and doctors don’t offer.

This includes:

For more information on telemedicine and Innovative Express Care, please see this IEC & Telemedicine Fact Sheet.

All-Encompassing, Integrative Care: A One-Stop-Shop

Innovative Express Care believes that while urgent care is a crucial part of wellness, it’s nearly impossible to impact the trajectory of someone’s life on merely an urgent care basis. That’s why, unlike most urgent care facilities, Innovative Express Care has an equal focus on urgent and primary care. This means patients can go to Innovative Express Care if they have a sudden illness such as strep throat, but they can also see the doctors at the clinic as their regular physicians and receive a yearly physical.

In addition to taking care of patients’ urgent healthcare matters, Innovative Express Care believes in taking measures for preventative healthcare and focusing on patients’ long-term health goals to educate, empower, and improve their lives.

Convenient, Transparent, and Relationship-Oriented

Patients can enter into healthcare visits knowing exactly what it will cost upfront with no hidden costs or fees. In addition to knowing upfront costs, patients can book appointments online, get many of the medicines they’ll need directly at the clinic (skipping the drugstore), and never have to wait more then 30 minutes at the clinic to see a physician.

Additionally, Innovative Express Care works to cultivate relationships with their patients on a deeper level by allowing them to consistently see the same doctor (regardless of urgent or primary care visits) and having a scribe in the room so the doctor can be fully focused on the patient.


Very involved in the local Chicago community, Dr. Khare is consistently focused on seeking out new local health start-ups to integrate into the clinic’s facilities or process, and on finding the most advanced innovations in the healthcare space that can be utilized to better patients’ lives. Involved with Matter Health, a healthcare incubator in Chicago, Innovative Express Care is committed to staying grounded in the local Chicago community and focused on utilizing technology to improve healthcare in the city.


After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Dr. Khare visited the country to help, along with a large medical team from the Chicagoland area. There, he met Mark Jasper, a nurse practitioner. During this life-altering experience, the two began to have conversations about healthcare, the current state of the industry, and the future of improving patient care. Upon Dr. Khare’s return, he sought out and received grants to research and uncover what patients are really looking from the healthcare system and from their providers. This research helped Dr. Khare hone in on what he already suspected: Patients desired easier access to healthcare, more transparency, and more utilization of technology to make healthcare more convenient and to empower them.

Interview Topics for Consideration

Dr. Khare, the founder of Innovative Express Care, is available and able to speak and provide medical expertise on any of the following topics (rotating seasonally):

  • Zika Virus and mosquitoes this summer
  • Regulations
  • What is telemedicine: Education and information about telemedicine
  • Health tips for traveling this summer (with or without kids)
  • The importance of sunscreen this summer
  • How to protect yourself and your family from dehydration this summer
  • Healthcare policies in Illinois
  • PREP and the positive and negative health implications
  • Back-to-school health related issues and concerns
  • Hidden health hazards to be aware of this summer
  • How patients can advocate for better care from their doctors
  • How to use technology to better health outside of the doctor’s office

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