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Dr. Rahul Khare

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Rahul Khare, MD, is the CEO and founder of Innovative Care, a group of medical practices that
are changing the way healthcare is delivered in Chicago.

Khare completed his Master of Science in Clinical Investigation from Northwestern University,
and did his emergency medicine residency at the University of Michigan before taking a
position at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.

Khare spent twelve years as an emergency medicine physician and associate professor at
Northwestern. During his tenure, he received several federally funded grants, and published
more than 20 peer-reviewed articles on how to improve healthcare. Khare’s research inspired
his vision for Innovative Care.

Khare was limited in what he could implement in a large academic medical center setting, so at
the age of 40, he left his stable academic life and took a leap of faith to become an
entrepreneur. In early 2015, Khare opened his first medical practice, Innovative Express Care.
The urgent care quickly flourished, and Khare has since grown his business each year, adding
several medical specialties.

Khare is committed to improving healthcare through greater efficiency, the use of technology
and forward-thinking. His practices deliver high-quality, affordable, and convenient, medical
care, along with treatments that hospitals have not yet embraced (cannabis, ketamine).
Khare owns and operates seven medical practices in Chicago: Innovative Express Care,
Innovative Primary Care, Innovative Ketamine, Innovative Wellness, Innovative MedSpa and Innovative Therapy.

Welcome to Innovative Care: Healthcare Evolved.