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COVID-19 Testing

Innovative Express Care is offering COVID-19 testing daily in our outdoor medical tent. If you feel you need COVID-19 testing, you can schedule your tent COVID-19 testing and evaluation. Insurance is accepted for all visits (we take most PPOs, Medicare, and Advocate HMO insurances). Self-pay for COVID-19 testing and evaluation is $250 is also available.

Healthcare Workers and First Responders

If you are a healthcare worker or first responder on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will expedite your visit. Please click below to book an appointment, but if you need it earlier, please email us at to schedule an expedited COVID-19 test.

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Primary Care Appointment

Innovative Express Care is here to provide you with a new kind of doctor’s office experience & appointment. Trust us with your primary care needs, and we promise to exceed your expectations. We offer compassionate, high quality medical providers and a team (nurses and receptionists) to help you feel better and stay health. We also make sure our physicians have fewer patients so we can give you the attention and time you need. This works best for: preventive health, annual exam, chronic illness (like hypothyroidism, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) or you already have a relationship with one of our primary care providers.

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Urgent Care Appointment

Our experienced healthcare providers are fast, friendly, and can get you the help you need efficiently. Got a cut that needs sutures? We can do that. Maybe a little state-of-the-art surgical glue on that cut instead? Ooh, now we’re talking. Oh, and by the way: you can make an appointment if you’d like above, by phone, or even by fax), but appointments are never required, and our wait times are often less than 30 minutes per patient. (That’s the “Express” part). Our clinic provides the urgent care you need in a timely manner and at an affordable cost.

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Telemedicine Appointment

The crown jewel of our humble mission to make healthcare better and more affordable. Our telemedicine system allows you to interact directly with our healthcare workers via the internet (aka Videoconferencing), from the privacy of your own home or office (or gym, you get the picture), at a time that is most convenient for you. Imagine if your living room was also your waiting room. Now, no one will ever look at you funny for tearing articles out of magazines in the waiting room again. This option is best for any established patient wanting a medication refill, has a simple complaint that does not need testing (like a rash or known issue), or something that we told you would be a good “telemedicine option.”

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Ketamine Consult or Treatment Appointment

Ketamine is a safe and effective medication in the treatment of depression and pain disorders. Ketamine was first, and still is, an important human general anesthetic agent. It has been used in hospitals for the past five decades and has a proven record of safety. More recently it is being used to treat moderate to severe depression/anxiety, neuropathic pain, and the symptoms of PTSD. The small doses and methods of administration used to treat mental health issues differ greatly from those used in hospitals.

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Illinois Medical Card Certification

Get your Illinois Medical Card now from a doctor’s clinic that you can trust! Our patients can now use their own medical insurance to be patients at our primary care clinic. After two visits, the physician can recommend you for the Illinois Medical Card.

Opiate Alternative Program (You are on Opiates)

Illinois Medical Card (You are not on Opiates)

MedSpa Appointment

Utilizing clinical research, holistic experience and desire to treat the whole patient – Dr. Khare and Jessica have set up protocols to help each patient live their best life and feel as amazing as possible. All care is personalized, and we spend time with each patient to understand what each patient

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Mental Health Therapy

Our therapists see patients in our offices here at Innovative Express Care, as well as using telemedicine to see patients from their home or work.

Although we have expanded our Therapy division, we are filling up extremely fast. We will be adding more providers when we add space and get them offices! 

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