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Telemedicine & Telehealth Services

Chicago Telemedicine You Can Depend On

Telemedicine makes seeing a medical provider quick and easy. Many appointment types can be done virtually. Review the options below to see if telemedicine is a fit for you.

Book a Telemedicine appointment



Patient and provider in a telemedicine appointment

Medical Care at Your Place or Ours

Worry-free care to mend common health concerns.

When you can’t drop everything to visit one of our locations, you can pick up the phone or log into your computer to get the same level of care you deserve. Our providers will help you mend common health concerns such as sinus infection, cough, sore throat, ear ache and more. 


Please Note: We care about your safety and the safety of others. Patients who are driving a motor vehicle during their telemedicine appointment will be asked to reschedule.