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5 Things People Taking ADHD/ADD Medications Need to Know When Switching Doctors

January 02, 2016

Patient & Doctor

ADHD is tough enough to have, but when you are treated like you are an addict or a criminal, then it gets even tougher. Here are 5 tips to help you through this unfortunate situation.

1) Be honest about everything

Your new doctor has to get to know you and understand if the diagnosis is correct and which medication is best for you. These questions include:
• How often you take the medication
• What it’s like when you are not on the medication
• What you feel like when you are on the medication
• If you have tried other peoples medication and if it worked well

2) Ask yourself if you really want to start on ADHD/ADD medication

There are many reasons why you don’t want to take ADHD medications. It’s a drug that you have to take daily to be effective. It becomes psychologically addicting to some. Can you work or study without it? Be honest with yourself about the diagnosis of ADHD/ADD. If the medication prescribed to you helps you keep your job, changes you from being unproductive to being back on track, or you were diagnosed as a child, then it may be a medication that changes your life for the better.

3) Have your medical records sent to your new doctor’s office

Doctors love data, and if you have the diagnosis and trials of what medications worked for you from a prior doctor, then why not share it? It will help your transition to a new doctor. It makes the doctor’s job much easier, not to mention, it will make your treatment much safer.

4) Understand that Adderall and other ADHD/ADD medications are addictive and often abused

Knowing this will help you understand why physicians’ offices often want more information, ask many questions, and are often skeptical. This being said, they should treat you respectably and if they don’t it leads me to the next tip:

5) You can always change doctors

There are many doctors out there. Make sure your doctor is accessible, flexible, and has your interest in mind. Because Adderall and other ADHD/ADD medications are stimulants, you should have your blood pressure checked. You should also get questioned by your doctor about your sleeping, the famous “drop off,” and any other issues you may be having. If you live in Chicago, book an appointment here, Innovative Care would love to help you out.


Image Source: Juhan Sonin

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