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Chicago Tribune: The race for an effective COVID-19 treatment

April 13, 2020

Chicago Tribune: COVID-19 Treatment

Dr. Khare was quoted in the Chicago Tribune Article: “The race for an effective COVID-19 treatment: Hunches, trials and no clear answer”

Despite all the ongoing efforts, doctors and scientists stress that no treatment for COVID-19 has been proved to help patients without causing too much harm.

“If my family member ever got this, I would not tell them to use any of those things, truthfully, unless it was really life threatening, and on the ventilator, and we’ve done everything else we could,” said Dr. Rahul Khare, founder and CEO of Innovative Express Care, an immediate care clinic on the North Side.

“I would then ask the (infectious disease) specialist if he thinks this is the time to try it, because truthfully we don’t know enough, and it could do more harm than good,” Khare added. “And the studies that have been out are not convincing, that’s for sure.”


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