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COVID-19 Antibody Testing Available at Innovative Express Care

May 06, 2020

COVID-19 Antibody Testing


I’m excited to announce that we now offer COVID-19 antibody testing at Innovative Express Care. This is important, as the simple blood test will determine if you’ve already had the novel coronavirus (perhaps unknowingly), or if you are still at risk of getting sick. Here’s how it works and why it’s important.

COVID-19 launches a response in the body 

The COVID-19 virus causes our immune system to react and develop antibodies to fight the virus. When IgG antibodies are found in the blood, we can deduct that the individual has had COVID-19. The antibody test is fast and done right here in our office. We’ll send the blood sample to our lab and call you with results in 2-5 days. 

Why is antibody testing important? 

Antibody testing has many benefits. Patients who test positive for the antibodies will have peace of mind in knowing they are not likely to get sick, as the chance of getting COVID-19 a second time is very low. 

Individuals who are elderly or have underlying health conditions will benefit from knowing if they have antibodies so they can make informed decisions about how much socialization to resume. The COVID-19 antibody test will also provide important data on the scale of coronavirus infections in our community. 

Lastly, antibody testing will identify who is a potential candidate for plasma donation. Plasma is being explored as a possible treatment option for those critically ill with COVID-19. 

How do I get an antibody test?

Innovative Express Care offers antibody testing daily. You can schedule an appointment online. Insurance is accepted for the visit and test. Self-pay is also an option. 

Patients arriving for antibody tests will be evaluated at our outdoor medical tent prior to testing. If you are symptomatic or have been symptomatic in the last 14 days, we will also do a COVID-19 swab to check for the active virus. If you have not had any symptoms in 14 days, we will do only the antibody testing. 

This is exciting news and an important step in fighting COVID-19 in our community. Please share with family and friends and encourage them to get tested. Identifying who is at risk versus who has had the virus will lend important information to help us bend the curve.

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