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Flu Season: 2018

January 07, 2018
It’s official: flu season is here and it’s going full throttle. Here’s what you have to know about this year’s influenza virus: The efficacy of the influenza vaccine this year is poor. Actual research shows the vaccine is only 10% effective. It is interesting to note that some are saying it is due to scientists missing the main strains. Others state that it is not because scientists missed the strains (that’s the usual cause of decreased efficacy). The culprit this time is that the manufacturing technique had decreased the efficacy.
It actually does not matter. One thing we know, due to the cold weather (this makes us all stay inside and transmit the virus to each other at a high rate) along with the ineffective flu shot this year, we have a really high rate of influenza.

Bottom line: Many people are getting sick with influenza right now.

Innovative Express Care Can Help

Here at Innovative Express Care, we want to make sure that we can prepare you as much as possible for the recent outbreak of influenza. If you start coming down with the symptoms: fever, body aches, cough, and severe fatigue, come to Innovative Express Care for a quick but important visit. We will swab you for Influenza. We use the Alere i influenza A and B Rapid Flu Test. The awesome part about this is, it takes particles of your nose, amplifies the DNA giving us the highest sensitivity and specificity of any rapid test. Here’s the funny (but not so funny part): Northwestern Memorial Hospital does not even have this test (nor does Illinois Masonic). So, yes, it’s the best test for influenza in the city.

The Reason to Visit Us at Innovative Express Care

We can prescribe Tamiflu. As long as you see us within 2 days of your symptoms, we can prescribe the antiviral medication, Tamiflu, which will decrease your symptoms by up to 2 entire days (although this sounds like a minimal time period, imagine feeling better by Friday vs Sunday).
Getting a firm diagnosis is important. When you tell your employer that you had been tested and are positive for Influenza B, it gives you credibility (and sympathy). If you get Tamiflu (you can only get this via prescription), you can actually get back to work quicker!
Up to 7% of people in Chicago will get the flu this year. If you are one of them, come by and we can help you quickly!
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