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Holiday Gatherings Likely Fueling COVID-19 Case Increase

January 07, 2021

If you gathered with extended family or friends during the holiday season, please schedule a COVID-19 test. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen an upward trend in positive COVID-19 cases in patients tested at Innovative Care. This is concerning, as the week between Christmas and New Years is a common time for gatherings, and we are just now entering the window of time in which symptoms would present based on the incubation time of COVID-19.

The graph below depicts the two week time period from December 23, through January 6, and is based on the percent of positive rapid antigen test results. We are seeing a similar trend in PCR test results. 

For a full look at the percent of positive cases in the last few months, click here

While many people are cautiously optimistic that Illinois regions will begin to lift Tier 3 restrictions in the coming weeks, this data from our Lincoln Park clinic indicates we are not moving in that direction here on the Northside. I am concerned that we’ll see the upward trend in cases continue over the next 10 days to two weeks. 

Stop the spread of COVID-19

The best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to avoid gatherings, mask up and get tested. Isolation is hard, so many people let their guard down during the holiday season. We simply need to do our best. You can schedule a COVID-19 test online or purchase one of our at-home test kits

Stay well Chicago. We are making progress. We plan to offer the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming months and will continue to see you through this pandemic. 

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