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Innovative Care Simplifies ADHD Management for Patients

July 26, 2021

ADHD Management

We think managing your ADHD should be fast, easy, convenient, and dignified. If you are tired of trekking to the doctor monthly just to get a prescription refill, we can help. Innovative Care recently launched Innovative ADHD, a service designed to make managing ADHD more convenient for patients. Our providers will see you virtually for medication refills, which means you only need to physically come to the clinic twice a year. Keep reading if you are ready to save time and simplify your ADHD management. 

Already diagnosed with ADHD?

If you have already been diagnosed with ADHD and want to benefit from virtual appointments and a far more convenient management program, visit us online. You can have better ADHD care in three simple steps. 

Step 1: Complete online form

Step 2: Schedule an in-person visit

Step 3: Monthly telemedicine management

Not yet diagnosed but believe you have ADHD? 

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects between 3-5 percent of the adult population. Symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity (but not always), and impulsive behavior can make everyday life a challenge. If you are struggling to stay focused and are feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, our therapy team can help

Step 1: Complete the online form

Step 2: Virtual evaluation

Step 3: Primary care visit

Step 4: Telemedicine management 

We Accept Insurance

Innovative Care is a medical group in Chicago. We have brick and mortar clinics, and we also offer telemedicine. Our goal is to make quality healthcare more convenient and efficient for our patients. We accept most insurance plans for ADHD evaluations and management. A list of accepted insurance plans can be found here

ADHD Evolved

Our tagline is Healthcare Evolved. Well, Innovative ADHD makes ADHD management evolved, too. Patients benefit from a real clinic, with real providers (unlike those online only pharmacies) managing their care. With only two in-person visits a year, it’s a no-brainer. We’ll even deliver your medications to your house or work! Get started today.

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