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Innovative Express Care Announces New COVID-19 Testing Center

July 14, 2020

New COVID-19 Testing Center

Beginning July 15, Innovative Express Care will move all COVID-19 testing to a new, larger testing center located at 1111 W. Diversey Parkway (former Mini dealership). This location offers ample parking, space for check-in and testing tents, and an indoor location for antibody testing. We expect to increase our capacity to 500 tests per day with this move. 

COVID-19 is here to stay for awhile, and increased testing is key to identifying cases early, so we can keep virus activity low. The start of summer, combined with Illinois subsequently entering phase 4, means people are in much closer contact with others than they were during the spring. The majority of people getting tested are asymptomatic individuals who want to be sure they are not unknowingly carrying the virus. This is often because they are headed back to work, planning to travel, or wish to visit elderly family members. Getting tested for COVID-19 before you do these things is recommended. If we can catch the virus early, we can prevent it from spreading to others. 

Who Should be Tested for COVID-19?

I believe everyone who has been out and in close contact with others should be tested. This is especially important if you are visiting with extended family and elderly relatives, if you are returning to work, or have been in large groups. There is no longer a shortage of tests or PPE equipment for medical workers, so asymptomatic individuals can, and should, be tested. 

Schedule a COVID-19 Virus or Antibody Test

Innovative Express Care offers COVID-19 testing 7 days/week. Our new, larger location allows us to see up to 500 patients each day. COVID-19 virus testing is done outdoors, either while you are in your car, or in our outdoor medical tent. We offer the virus swab test, as well as the COVID-19 rapid test

COVID-19 antibody testing is done indoors, as that test requires a blood draw. Appointments can be made online

Three Types of Testing Offered

Innovative Express Care offers three types of testing:

  1. COVID-19 virus swab test
    • Typically covered 100 percent by insurance*
    • Results in 3-5 days
  2. Rapid COVID-19 test 
    • Same-day results (within four hours)
    • Cost $150
    • Not covered by insurance
    • Swab test performed in addition to rapid test to ensure accuracy
  3. COVID-19 antibody test
    • Typically covered 100 percent by insurance*
    • Results in 1-2 daysv

The Rapid test we use is Sofia SARS-CoV-2 antigen FIA by Quidel. We believe this is the most accurate rapid test on the market, however, since rapid tests have a lower accuracy rate than the virus swab test, the Rapid COVID-19 Test is only available as an add-on to virus swab testing. The rapid test is not covered by insurance. Payment of $150 will be required at the time of service. 

Testing for Uninsured Patients

Patients who have no medical insurance can be tested for FREE under the federal CARES Act. If you have insurance, but we do not accept your plan, please inquire about self-pay rates. 

Protect Yourself and Others

You can’t isolate forever, but I strongly urge you to continue taking precautions as you venture out. Wear a mask in public places and when you can’t maintain a safe distance from others and remember that people who have underlying health conditions are at a higher risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19.

Stay well Chicago. 

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