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Paxlovid Now Available at Innovative Express Care

April 06, 2022

COVID cases are once again on the rise, so it’s important to know that there is virus treatment readily available. You do not have to be immunocompromised to qualify, but you do have to act quickly once you become symptomatic in order to be eligible for treatment. Innovative Care has COVID treatment available daily at our COVID, Cold and Flu Clinics, and at our urgent care. Our providers will explain your options and recommend a treatment best suited to your needs. 


Paxlovid is an antiviral pill that is available by prescription only for patients age 12 and older. Paxlovid should be taken as soon as possible after diagnosis of COVID-19, and within five days of symptom onset. Review the FDA patient fact sheet for more information about this FDA EUA approved oral medication for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19. 

Since time is of the essence, Innovative Care carries Paxlovid medication at our COVID, Cold and Flu clinics, as well as at our urgent care. This means that if you are diagnosed with COVID and qualify for Paxlovid, you can take the medication home with you immediately. There is no searching for a pharmacy that has it, and no extra stops on the way home. You can simply get your meds, get home and get well. Book online to schedule an appointment for an evaluation to determine if you qualify for Paxlovid.  

Additional COVID Treatment & Prevention Options

Monoclonal Antibodies

Innovative Care also offers Sotrovimab and Bebtelovimab Monoclonal antibodies, which serve as substitute antibodies that help our immune systems mimic the defense of natural COVID-19 antibodies. Sotrovimab is FDA EUA approved for the treatment of COVID-19. More information and the patient fact sheets can be found on our website. Schedule your appointment here.


Evusheld is not a COVID treatment, but rather a prophylactic medication that you take before COVID exposure. It can play an important role in illness prevention for people who are at high risk of complications from COVID. Sadly, it’s also often difficult to find. That’s why we also carry Evusheld on hand for patients who qualify. Schedule an appointment online, come in to speak with our provider and you’ll go home with Evusheld if you qualify. It’s that easy.

COVID Vaccines & Booster 

Innovative Care offers COVID vaccines daily at our Downers Grove clinic. Schedule online today, as being vaccinated (and if eligible, boosted) is your best defense against COVID. 

Living with COVID

We are likely to see virus activity continue to ebb and flow. In addition, the severity of illness will vary with each unique strain of COVID. Your best course of action is to focus on prevention (vaccines and masks when warranted). If you do get ill, get tested, seek treatment if you are positive for COVID, and stay home so you can prevent virus spread. We’ve come a long way in the last two years, but we all still have an important role to play as we learn to live with COVID. 

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