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Philippines Typhoon Aid

November 14, 2013

Due to the Philippine Typhoon, emergency responders are flying to the Philippines to provide Humanitarian Aid to the worst hit areas.

I have been asked to volunteer in Tacloban. Our plan is to focus and assist in Tacloban, which suffered the worst destruction. This week, they need support to provide clean water, food and medical supplies to Tacloban. They also need medical help.

Clarion Global Response is sending a team of Doctors, Paramedics and First responders to Manila. We have been given guarantees from the Philippine military that they will then fly our team into Tacloban in a military or commercial aircraft depending on Tacloban’s airport status. Once on the ground, our team will enlist local medical experts and provide support and provisions to create camps and field hospitals for as many displaced people as our supplies can support. The most immediate action required is to ensure that disease is kept in check with clean water and medical supplies.

I have been to Haiti twice and Ethiopia just last year with this team. We are nervous, but excited to be able to help in the Philippines. I will post more soon, but here are some websites.

The organization I am going with:

The kit $12,000 medical kit that we will have (lasts 90 days and serves 10,000 people):,1033)/IEHK_brochure.pdf

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