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Same-Day PCR Results Available at New COVID-19 Testing Site

December 07, 2020

When COVID-19 symptoms strike, you want immediate answers, not several days of isolation and worry. A new COVID-19 testing clinic in Chicago offers same-day PCR results. No more waiting, no more wondering, just answers. 

PCR tests are the gold-standard for virus testingUnfortunately, it usually takes 2-5 days to get PCR results from the lab. COVID of Chicago invested in the latest testing technology and built an on-site lab to take away the wait. Patients who come to the drive-thru clinic get VIP service and same-day results

The PCR test used at COVID of Chicago is the same test that was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal for its use by the NFL. The Accula test is superior to other tests that deliver same-day results, as it is a PCR test, not a rapid antigen test which is known to be less accurate. The Accula and Cue PCR tests used at COVID of Chicago are highly accurate. Both tests are accepted for travel, as well as return to work and school, whereas rapid antigen tests may not be accepted. 

A COVID-19 diagnosis is not like flu or other illnesses, as it requires isolation in order to protect family and friends. The sooner you know if COVID-19 is the cause of your symptoms, the sooner you can take precautions.

When you don’t have time to wait, schedule an appointment at COVID of Chicago. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover the cost of this test and patients must pay out of pocket for the same-day PCR test. The cost for the PCR test and provider consultation is $385. COVID of Chicago also offers rapid antigen testing for $250.

For more information, visit COVID of Chicago online.

If you wish to use your insurance for COVID-19 testing, visit our affiliate clinic, Innovative Express Care. Innovative Express Care offers PCR nasal tests, PCR saliva tests, rapid antigen testing and antibody testing.

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