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STDs: The big bad appointment and why it actually isn’t that bad

December 14, 2016

STD TreatmentColumbus, Napoleon, Beethoven. What do all these famous bros have in common, other than taking up space in your useless high school history textbooks? They all carried—and likely passed on—sexually transmitted diseases.

As long as people have been around, there have been STDs. Thought to have been carried around the world by ancient explorers, (Columbus, we’re looking at you here) these diseases occur in all cultures and all countries today. Most are easy to cure, but failing to get treatment within a reasonable time period can result in long-term, life-changing consequences.

We are prepared to care for you

At Innovative Express Care, we see patients suffering from these conditions all the time. No, really. While many people try to keep their personal histories private, your Innovative Express Care doctor is the one person with whom you can—and should—share all the details of your STD concerns, including how you may have contracted the condition and what your symptoms are. We promise that you won’t feel judged or criticized, just cared for with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Be prepared for your appointment with us

For the medical professionals at Innovative Express Care to provide you with our best services, we will need to understand where and when you may have contracted an STD, and the symptoms from which you are suffering.

Often, it is helpful for both doctor and patient if you write down your symptoms before you come in. Include the date when you first became aware that something was amiss, and the initial symptoms that caught your attention. Also, include on the list all the medications you may be taking for any reason.

Itching, oozing or a general nasty discharge may gross you out, but our doctors have seen it all. We’re here to help and need you to be totally honest with us. Don’t hold back.

With your list in hand, we can identify the specific disease with which you are infected and look for medicinal options that won’t conflict with your current prescriptions. 

Talking to your doctor will ease your mind

Many people become unnecessarily concerned about their futures once they receive an STD diagnosis. An STD doesn’t mean your dating life is over; it’s just on a short break, like House of Cards. The doctors at Innovative Express Care will inform you of the strain of STD that is affecting you, how and when it was transmitted and how to care for yourself while the medications cure you of the disease. They can also discuss how to talk to your partner about your condition, and how to prevent yourself and others from getting the disease in the future. They cannot, however, actually conduct that conversation for you. Not even for an extra fee.

Other issues appropriate to discuss with your Innovative Express Care physician during your visit include whether your current condition could affect a future pregnancy or how to avoid getting the same disease or a different STD in the future.

And we can’t say it enough, so we’ll tell you again: practice safe sex in the future. You don’t want to be back in the office again in a few months, do you? We know the free Diet Cokes are awesome and all, but probably not worth a repeat visit. 

We provide immediate, confidential health care services

Listen, things happen. We get it. It’s not necessary to be embarrassed or ashamed of contracting an STD. At Innovative Express Care, we treat these conditions regularly. Our urgent care service gets you into the doctor’s office quickly so you can get started on a treatment plan as soon as possible, and get back to living your full and happy life. A life where you’re practicing safer sex, right?

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