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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Treatment and Advice

March 14, 2016



You know what’s terrible? Getting a UTI. That burning, uncomfortable feeling you get when it starts will continue until that bacteria is eliminated. There are many ways to get rid of that UTI, but the fastest, most reliable way, is to get on the right antibiotics.

What Causes UTIs in Women?

First off, UTIs occur in women 10 times more than in men. Why? The distance between the bladder and the outside world is much shorter for women than men, which means bacteria do not have to travel far to infect the bladder.

What Are the Signs of a UTI?

Basically, a UTI, aka bladder infection or cystitis, is the infection of the bladder. Bacteria irritate the urethra and bladder, which causes:

  • Burning on urination
  • Frequency of urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pressure in your bladder
  • Cloudy urine

What is the Best Medical Treatment for UTIs

Although there are many ways to treat a UTI, the quickest, most efficient treatment is an antibiotic. Why? Well, a UTI is an infection of the bladder wall. The bacteria start to grow on the bladder wall which is a paper-thin structure that is almost transparent. You can see the small blood vessels that run through the bladder if you shine a flashlight on it. The bacteria start eating the mucosal membrane of the bladder wall and when it does this, those small blood vessels start to bleed (this is why many people get blood in their urine). As the bacteria hang out in the bladder, they multiply. Antibiotics taken by mouth get into the bloodstream and start killing the bacteria immediately. Within 4 hours, you should be feeling better!

What Happens if the UTI Does Not Get Treated Appropriately?

The UTI can spread to the kidneys, which is called, Pyelonephritis. This is a big deal because this often causes:

  • Fever
  • Flank Pain
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Shaking and Chills

It’s really important to see a physician if you get any of these symptoms with a UTI. The biggest issue is that once you have nausea and vomiting, you cannot keep down the antibiotics, so you cannot kill the bacteria. This is why we often place IVs into patients to give them IV antibiotics and fluids for hydration.

What Advice Do You Have to Stop a UTI?

If you are reading this right now, the best advice I can give you is to make an appointment right now. You need a simple urine test and the appropriate antibiotics. Drinking more water or cranberry juice will only prolong your misery. Although, I do not disagree with this methodology, I can tell you that a simple antibiotic can get you feeling better within a few hours. So why suffer? Click here to book an appointment, and see a provider within 20 minutes!

Image Source: Bradley Gordon

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