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WGN Radio: Dr. Khare Discusses COVID-19 and When to go to the Doctor

March 13, 2020

COVID-19: When should I go to the doctor?

Dr. Khare joined Justin Kaufmann on WGN Radio last night to discuss COVID-19 and answer the common question – when should I go to the doctor?

If you are sick, and experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, call your doctor. Innovative Express Care is conducting screenings via Telemedicine to review symptoms, discuss medical history and determine if a patient needs testing for COVID-19, flu or something else (strep, mono, etc.). Telemedicine is an important step in limiting exposures to the virus, as it allows:

  • Doctors to collect important information (symptoms, medical history, patient information, possible exposures) before a patient is seen in the office (if that’s even necessary). This limits the amount of time they are in the clinic significantly, allowing most patients to be in and out in five minutes.
  • Medical clinic staff to appropriately prepare for the patient’s visit. They can be masked upon arrival and taken directly to a room so they are not in the waiting area with other patients.

Listen to Dr. Khare’s full interview here.


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