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Your Physician May Be the Missing Link in Your Weight Loss Program

May 25, 2021

Weight Management Have you struggled with your weight for years? Do you start strong, but then fizzle out when beginning a new plan? Your physician may be the missing link. 

Being chronically overweight or obese is a health problem that can put you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other serious diseases. So why isn’t your weight treated like other medical problems? Sure, your doctor may advise you to lose weight, watch your diet and exercise, but a quick mention during an annual physical is far from managing this chronic condition. 

Innovative Primary Care is stepping up to do more for our patients. We now offer Innovative Weight Management, a physician-led, 12-month weight loss plan to help you achieve success.  

About Innovative Weight Management

Obesity is a chronic health condition, and it should be treated as such. While some people may be able to simply watch what they eat and exercise regularly, it is just not that easy for others. This is not your fault. Genetics, lifestyle, physical health and many other factors come into play with weight. As a medical provider, we are acutely aware of the legitimate struggles that people face with their weight. Do this for your health. Let’s reach your goals together. Innovative Weight Management combines diet, exercise, physician support and for many patients, medication, to achieve your goals. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Physician Led Program
  • Benchmarks Recorded 
  • Insurance Accepted
  • Regular Check-ins (weekly for the first four weeks; monthly thereafter)
  • 12-Month Program 
  • Support in all elements of weight management: behavior, nutrition, physical activity and pharmacology. 
  • Complementary MedSpa consultation during your journey. 
Why it Works

Having your physician involved in your weight loss adds accountability and purpose. Weight loss is not just about how you look. It’s about your health. Your health matters. Having your physician by your side through this health endeavor, just as you do for other health problems, just makes sense. It’s also an important element that is not present with fad diets, quick-fixes, cleanses and other things you’ve tried. Innovative Weight Management is a 12-month program to educate, guide and motivate you to make lifestyle changes that will be long-term. Our approach is based on guidance from OMA (Obesity Medicine Association), Cornell and Harvard. 

Start Your Journey Today

Make an appointment at Innovative Primary Care and talk to Dr. Gazzi and her team to get started. We are here to help you achieve a healthy weight, just as we manage blood pressure and other chronic health conditions.

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