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What To Expect From Your Therapy Sessions

Partnership, Compassion, Empathy

Innovative Therapy provides outpatient behavioral health therapy for adults where you can establish a collaborative, confidential relationship with a therapist who can help you learn coping strategies and work through your concerns. Our therapists work with you to develop a safe and trusting relationship that allows you to talk openly about your experiences. Our goal is to offer exceptional clinical care and a simple and flexible scheduling to meet your needs.


Strategies for Success

Innovative Care therapists employ many different techniques to help our patients. Our team specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, DBT and psychedelic assisted therapy. Above all, our goal is to help you identify strategies for success. Our team individualizes their approach to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Your First Therapy Appointment

During your first appointment, we will get to know one another. The goal is to build a rapport and make everyone feel comfortable. Expect to answer questions about your life, your background and what brought you to therapy. As you continue to come for therapy sessions, you will be met with the same compassion and patience, allowing you to build upon your progress and open up to your therapist at your own speed. It is normal to feel nervous when coming to therapy for the first time. Just remember, this is your time. Feel free to ask your therapist about their approach, share your goals and communicate what you are hoping to accomplish through therapy.

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Are You Ready To Make a Change?

Therapy at Innovative Care is where you can get the compassionate support you need to overcome challenges.

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Why Innovative Therapy?

Compassionate Care From Certified Therapists

Our therapists have spent decades providing behavioral and specialized therapy to individuals looking for a change. When you’re ready for change, you can trust that at Innovative you’ll have a therapist who works to understand your challenges and provide tools to overcome them.

Other benefits include:

ADD/ADHD Evaluation

Proven, effective and comprehensive assessment, treatment and symptom management for your attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

PTSD Diagnosis

Dependable assessment and diagnosis of PTSD by a medical professional.

Talk Therapy

Trusted, skilled and compassionate providers to help with your behavioral health needs.


Secure appointments from the comfort of your home.


Flexible hours that include early morning and evening appointments that fit your lifestyle.

Innovative Treatment Options

Accessible medical card & ketamine treatment options for approved conditions.

Does Your Insurance Cover Therapy at Innovative Care?

We accept most major insurance plans, explore the list of providers we accept.


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Access the care you deserve.

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