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ADD and ADHD: A New Convenient Way to Get Your Medications

February 13, 2017



If you have ADHD, it is difficult enough to make sure you take your medication every morning, and even harder to make sure you have your medications filled all the time. Innovative Express Care is trying to significantly change this. We are doing this by letting you use telemedicine to refill your medication. A 5 to 10-minute discussion with your doctor, going through your insurance, and sent directly to your pharmacy at the moment of your appointment.

If you feel you may have ADHD and have not been diagnosed, please click here to understand what we do.

If you have ADHD and may want an easier way to get your medications (and dump your psychiatrist), here is what we offer you:

  • We take most major commercial insurances, click here for details
  • If you do not have a diagnosis, we have a therapist who can evaluate you for ADHD. Click here
  • After your first in-person visit and if you are stable on your medications, we offer telemedicine for refills
  • With all our visits, we ask the same questions:
    • Are you experiencing increased anxiety?
    • Are you experiencing any insomnia?
    • Do you have a “drop off” at around 2 or 3pm and if so, how bad is it?
  • After our discussion, we will discuss if your current dosage is working, and after our discussion, we will e-prescribe the medication to your pharmacy
  • You can then go and pick it up that day (or that minute if you want)

There is no other service like this in the city of Chicago. We pride ourselves on being convenient, innovative, and efficient.

Many ask us about cost. We like to provide full transparency of costs:

With Insurance

We bill as a primary care provider (the most affordable of all the options), billing as a regular office visit (all psychiatrists and urgent cares bill at a specialist rate). Most of our patients pay around $10-$30 for their co-pay. Obviously, there are so many factors going into your medical bill, and we do not have access to your specific plan, deductible, etc. We can assure you, we are in-network with all the major insurance carriers (BCBS, UHC, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and Medicare).

Without Insurance

This we have complete control of. For new patients, we charge $150 per visit without blood work and $250 with blood work (this is determined by the provider). For each followup visit, we charge $99 in-person or $75 for telemedicine visits.

How to Make an Appointment

This is the easy part.

If you have never been diagnosed with ADD or you do not have access to the medical records, you must be evaluated and evaluated and diagnosed by our therapists. Click here to book this appointment.

If you have the diagnosis and the medical records showing you have ADD, make an appointment with one of our primary care providers here.

After you have become a patient at our practice (read: see us at least once in-person and are on a stable medication), you can then book your refills by clicking on the “TELEMEDICINE” link.

It’s really that easy. We are excited to help you through this process and make it as easy as possible! If you are just going to your psychiatrist for a paper-prescription and a donation of $250 in cash, it may be time to dump your psychiatrist! Book an appointment with Innovative Express Care now or get evaluated for ADD here!

Email us for questions (yeah, see, that is amazing for a medical office).

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