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The Cost of Travel Medicine in Chicago

January 12, 2016

South Africa TravelTraveling out of the country is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences we have in our lifetimes.

Unfortunately, because we often travel to developing countries, you will need to get vaccines not required in the US. The problem is, despite you paying over thousands for your flight, hotel room, and intra-country train/plane travel, you need to get your expensive travel vaccines even prior to traveling. We’ve done the research on the costs of these vaccines, and we’ve come up with one conclusion: The costs to you are very confusing and different.

Looking at the most common travel medicine clinics in Chicago (Passport and Northwestern Medicine), our goal was to compare the costs and be as transparent as possible:

Let’s take a person going to Africa or Cambodia and only wants vaccines (no physician visit)

Vaccines needed:

  • Yellow Fever Vaccine
  • Typhoid Vaccine
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine

First off, most travel medicine clinics do not take insurance. Some take Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. If you have BCBS PPO it’s best to ask the travel clinic you go to if they bill your insurance directly, or make you pay up front and then make you turn in the receipts of the visit.

Passport Health

  • Yellow Fever: $190
  • Typhoid: $150
  • Hepatitis: $118
  • Office Visit: $75
  • Passport Total: $533

Northwestern Medicine Travel Clinic

  • Yellow Fever: $227
  • Typhoid: $153
  • Hepatitis: $136
  • Injection Fee: $57 for #1 and $30 each subsequent
  • Office Visit: $75
  • Northwestern Medicine Total: $708

Innovative Express Care

  • Yellow Fever: $225
  • Typhoid : $120
  • Hepatitis A: $130
  • One Time Vaccine Fee: $25

No office visit unless you want to talk to the provider (or need prescriptions like Malaria or Traveler’s diarrhea): This can go through insurance.

Innovative Express Care takes BCBS PPO and United Healthcare for vaccines and will bill the insurance (not you).

Innovative Express Care Total: $500

There you have it: Innovative Express Care has the most cost-effective travel vaccine clinic in the city. No appointment necessary or you can book your appointment online here! We even have transparent pricing listed on our web-site here.

Want to make an appointment? Just click here!

If you have any questions, call us: (773) 270-5600 or email us: [email protected]


Image Source: Joe Stump

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