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COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in Lincoln Park

April 05, 2021

We have seen an alarming rise in positive COVID-19 cases in the last month. On March 1, just 2.3% of the rapid COVID-19 tests administered at Innovative Express Care were positive for COVID-19. On March 31, it was 9.4%, and we are holding pretty steady thus far in April (average 8.6% positive). This trajectory mirrors what city officials are saying, noting Lincoln Park is one of the neighborhoods seeing a sharp increase in virus activity.

I am very concerned by these numbers. After a full year of COVID-19 restrictions, the city has begun to reemerge, and nobody wants to see a resurgence of virus activity. Still, as we venture out to enjoy the weather, gather with friends, or travel for spring break, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still active in our communities. 

Young Adult Cases on the Rise

The majority of positive cases are in younger adults. There are many reasons for this, ranging from lifestyle or career, to the inability to be vaccinated yet. My hope is that unvaccinated people who remain at risk of COVID-19 understand the severity of this virus. It’s critical that we get this under control, so until vaccination efforts can be fully rolled out, we must remain vigilant. 

Don’t let your guard down

Please continue to wear masks and social distance. If you have not been vaccinated and are traveling from an orange state, please get tested upon return to Chicago. Pay attention to symptoms, always assess your risk, and take responsibility for your actions so we can keep one another safe.

We all want the old days back. Parties, hugs, concerts and travel will all return. For now however we must continue to protect our health and the health of those around us. 

Stay well.

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