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Dr. Khare: Masks for all would significantly limit COVID-19 transmissions

April 01, 2020


Each day when our leaders step to the podium, they communicate that science must lead the way in the fight against COVID-19. Dr. Rahul Khare, founder and CEO of Innovative Express Care agrees and says that is exactly why everyone should be wearing a mask in public. 

Khare has been an emergency medicine physician for over 15 years and has a background in epidemiology. He has led medical relief efforts following natural disasters in foreign countries and knows that it is critical to get ahead of the crisis you are facing. In order to beat COVID-19, we must examine what has worked in other countries and follow the same procedures here at home. If everyone wore a mask when in public, even for a matter of weeks, Khare believes the effort could significantly decrease the spread of COVID-19. N95 masks are not recommended for the general public, as basic fabric masks will do. 

Khare is among a growing number of physicians who have taken this stance, despite the fact that government agencies such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease control continue to state this measure is not necessary. In recent days however, the CDC has indicated that they will reevaluate whether or not a wider use of masks should be considered. 

Why is this important?
  • COVID-19 continues to spread at an alarming rate in Chicago and more must be done to curb the pandemic
  • Stay-at-home orders are imperative, but adding a “masks for all” mandate for when individuals are in public would significantly contribute to flattening the curve.
  • Over 34 scientific papers support the idea that masks can reduce the spread of diseases, including COVID-19. 
  • Scientists believe that even homemade masks may be effective in stopping 95 percent of particles from transmitting from one person to another. 
  • Science has demonstrated that even asymptomatic individuals can spread the highly contagious virus.
Medical masks should be reserved for healthcare workers and first responders

Khare is clear to explain that medical masks and N95 masks are not necessary for the general public and those should be reserved for healthcare workers and those on the front lines of this pandemic. Masks made from common household materials – T-shirts, bandannas and scarves – are sufficient for public use. A recent article in the New York Times even offered instructions on how to make a mask.

More information on COVID-19 screening and testing at Innovative Express Care can be found here.



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