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Sports Physicals Made Easy at Innovative Express Care

August 02, 2023

August has arrived and school is just around the corner. As the school year kicks off, so does the excitement of school sports. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, football or any other athletic activity, sports play a vital role in a student’s physical and mental development. However, before young athletes can take the field or court, they must first undergo school sport physicals. These health check-ups are not just a mere formality, they serve a critical purpose in safeguarding the well-being of student-athletes and ensuring their success both on and off the playing field.


If a check-up for your student athlete is on your back-to-school to do list, the team at Innovative Express Care can help. Our urgent care team is available seven days a week. 


The purpose of school sports physicals

School sport physicals are a comprehensive evaluation that assesses an individual’s fitness and health status. The primary purpose of these exams is to identify any potential health risks or conditions that could be exacerbated during strenuous physical activity. By detecting these issues early on, schools can take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of student-athletes and prevent any potential complications during sporting events. 


During a school sport physical, a medical provider will evaluate various aspects of the athlete’s physical health. This typically includes the following: 

  • Past medical history
  • Physical examination – vital signs, reflexes, muscle strength, flexibility and overall physical condition to assess the athlete’s readiness for sports. 
  • A discussion about any health concerns and encouragement for the athlete to prioritize their health. 


School sport physicals are an essential tool for identifying hidden or underlying medical conditions that might not be immediately apparent. Conditions like asthma, heart abnormalities, or orthopedic problems could impact the athlete’s ability to participate safely. By detecting these conditions early, proper treatment and management plans can be put in place to minimize risks and promote a healthier sports experience.


Same-day appointments for sports physicals 

It’s easy to run out of time for back-to-school physicals amidst summer fun and back to school shopping, but don’t worry, the team at Innovative Express Care has you covered. Same-day appointments are typically available and can be scheduled online. We accept medical insurance, or you can self-pay $75. 


Our urgent care team is the go-to for many Lincoln Park families who need easy access to quality care for sick visits and unexpected injuries. We hope we don’t see you for those reasons (no offense), but we are happy to be here when you do. We wish you a healthy and happy school year ahead. 

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