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STIs on the Rise as Chicagoans Take Dating Offline

June 24, 2021

STIs Chicago

COVID-19 put a damper on dating in 2020, but now that restrictions have been lifted, Chicagoans are taking their dates offline and hopping back into the dating scene. Based on anecdotal evidence and a review of our recent provider visits, it appears they are hopping back into bed, too! 

Innovative Express Care has seen a sharp increase in the number of visits related to Sexually Transmitted Infections in the last month (at least 50 percent more than what we saw six months ago). It’s going to be a hot summer in Chicago, so be sure to protect your sexual health. Our providers have some tips:

Safety First

You don’t go out in the rain without a raincoat, so don’t go out to the club without one either. 

Be Proactive About Your Sexual Health 

Many STIs do not cause symptoms. Be proactive and screen for STIs regularly rather than only asking your provider about testing if you have symptoms. A general rule of thumb on STI testing frequency is this – get tested every time you change partners. 

Swipe Right Frequently? 

If you are free as a bird, sewing your oats and having fun with multiple partners, plan on STI testing every 3-6 months. Innovative Express Care offers an array of testing options and we are open seven days a week. 

Get the HPV vaccine

People up to age 45 can be vaccinated against HPV. If you have ever been sexually active and have not been vaccinated against the HPV virus, we urge you to get vaccinated. The HPV vaccine protects against the main strains of HPV, which have been known to cause cancer. Innovative Express Care carries the HPV vaccine and we can easily vaccinate you during your next appointment

What to Test For?

We see chlamydia and gonorrhea most frequently at Innovative Express Care. Both of these STIs may be present without symptoms, which makes being proactive about your sexual health extremely important. HPV is also extremely common, but testing for this STI is typically done during a well woman exam when you are having a pap smear. There is not a good HPV test for men, so this STI is most commonly detected in women. 

Schedule Testing

STI testing ranges from $175-250 for self-pay patients. We also accept insurance. Appointments are easy to schedule online at Innovative Express Care.  


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