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Understanding Back Pain

March 05, 2018

Back Pain

You deadlifted 680 pounds and won first place at the powerlifting meet yesterday. Congratulations! To celebrate the win, you enjoy dinner with your family. Then, as if you did not exercise your lifting abilities enough, you let the kids take turns getting piggy back rides in and out of the restaurant. To top it all off, your wife got in on the action and took a piggy back ride for herself. But then, the next morning, you can’t even get out of bed.

What Could Be Wrong With Your Back?

There is no question that your back has taken on a lot. It is achy and stiff. You need relief. It is understandable to be worried as you have always been able-bodied and strong. You need to be sure that your pain is not the result of an injury. Back injuries do frequently happen during sports and exercise.

Injuries that result from sports and exercise tend to impact the spine, soft tissue, and fascia (the tissue that encases your muscles and other organs). About 20 percent of all back injuries occur in the lower back. Sports like running or weightlifting usually cause injuries to the lower back because of the steady repetitive motion and impact. The upper back has a decreased chance for injury because it is not as mobile and has increased muscle and bone support. However, weight training can be a contributor to upper back injuries as well. Common injuries to the upper back are muscle strains and rib fractures.

Test and Diagnosis

Your doctor may run one or more of the following tests to determine the underlying cause of your back pain:

• Range of motion tests

• Blood and urine lab tests to ensure the pain is not caused by an infection

• MRI scans to analyze soft tissue (Doctors generally use imaging to diagnose chronic back pain.)

• EMG scans to check for nerve or muscle damage

Even seemingly minor injuries can lead to debilitating back pain. Don’t let it continue to limit your ability to be your family’s superhero. With speedy patient care, a compassionate expert staff, and a wide range of medical treatments, Innovative Express Care will have you feeling better quickly, efficiently, and affordably. And even if you throw out your back on a Sunday morning, you’re in luck. We are open seven days a week. Our well-trained and professional team of caregivers will have you feeling like a superhero again in no time!


Image Source: Eugenio “The Wedding Traveler” WILMAN

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