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Treatment is just a few clicks away

Introducing MessageRX. No appointment or video visit required. Select the treatment you are seeking, answer a few questions, and receive a personalized care plan within 90 minutes. The cost is $50, which is about the same as many medical insurance co-pays.



Healthcare has never been easier

MessageRX is fast and affordable. For about the same cost as an insurance co-pay, you can message a provider and receive care in three simple steps.


Answer a few questions about your health concern.

Emailed Prescription

Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan within 90 minutes.

Pick Up Prescription

Choose a pharmacy, pick up your prescription and start feeling better.

Skip the trip to the doctor

With no appointment needed and no waiting room, getting care has never been easier. Message us for common health concerns and receive personalized care within 90 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No appointment is needed with MessageRX. Simply follow these simple steps to get medical care:

  1. Choose the treatment you are seeking
  2. Answer survey questions so we know the nature of your request
  3. Submit your survey
  4. A medical provider will respond within 90 minutes

MessageRX is self-pay only. Most patients find the cost to be about the same as an insurance co-pay. This appointment type is offered as an additional convenience to our patients. If you wish to use your medical insurance, you can do so by scheduling a video visit, or by making in-person medical appointment at one of our clinic locations. The self-pay fee is $50, payable by credit card only.

The fee for MessageRX is $50, which is about the same as many medical insurance co-pays.

With MessageRX, you only pay if a treatment or service is rendered. We will capture your credit card payment information at the completion of your medical survey. If you do not receive care (i.e. an assessment or treatment plan), you will not be charged.


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