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Innovative Therapy

Our compassionate team of therapists and professional counselors will help you create the life you deserve. Caring for your mental health is just as important as caring for your physical health.

1552 W Fullerton Avenue, Suite 100

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Innovative Therapy Office

Why Innovative Therapy?

Compassionate Care From Certified Therapists

Our therapists have spent decades providing behavioral and specialized therapy to individuals looking for a change. When you’re ready for change, you can trust that at Innovative you’ll have a therapist who works to understand your challenges and provide tools to overcome them.

Other benefits include:

ADD/ADHD Evaluation

Proven, effective and comprehensive assessment, treatment and symptom management for your attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

PTSD Diagnosis

Dependable assessment and diagnosis of PTSD by a medical professional.

Talk Therapy

Trusted, skilled and compassionate providers to help with your behavioral health needs.


Secure appointments from the comfort of your home.


Flexible hours that include early morning and evening appointments that fit your lifestyle.

Innovative Treatment Options

Accessible medical card & ketamine treatment options for approved conditions.

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Are You Ready To Make a Change?

Therapy at Innovative Care is where you can get the compassionate support you need to overcome challenges.

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