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Thank You, Chicago, for Trusting Us With Your COVID Care

June 02, 2023

Over the past three years, COVID-19 challenged the world in unexpected ways, affecting individuals, communities and healthcare systems. Testing centers emerged as crucial pillars in the fight against the virus, providing reliable diagnostic services to help identify and contain the spread of COVID-19. I am so proud of the work that Innovative Care did during this unprecedented time. 


Meeting the Demand for COVID Testing

As an emergency medicine physician with experience in disaster relief, I saw COVID coming and was able to mobilize resources quickly so we could be among the first to respond in Chicago. We began testing in the parking lot of our urgent care. Just a few months later, we moved to 1111 W Diversey Parkway, where we could operationalize things in a way that allowed us to see ten times the number of patients each day. That location was the first large-scale testing center in Chicago, and during the height of the pandemic, we saw more than 1,500 patients a day at that location alone. Still, as demand grew, a second Lincoln Park location was needed to accommodate the overflow. Before long, we had two Lincoln Park COVID sites and a suburban location in Downers Grove. Over the last three years, we estimate that 300,000 Chicagoans turned to Innovative Care for their COVID needs. 


None of our COVID work would have been possible without the incredible team of leaders behind me and the hundreds of employees we hired to work the pandemic. When everyone else was staying home, they showed up. It was the first global pandemic in our lifetime, and there were many unknowns. Still, they came to work, courageously put on their PPE, and administered tests and treatment with empathy and care. I am so grateful and proud of each and every one of them. 


Diversey Testing Clinic Closing

With the pandemic now behind us and the need for testing dwindling, it has come time for us to close our COVID, cold and flu clinic at 1111 W. Diversey Parkway. COVID and virus testing will still be available at our urgent care. Walk-ins are welcome, or you may schedule an appointment online. Innovative Express Care is open seven days a week. 


More Than COVID Care

Thousands of people were first introduced to Innovative Care during the COVID pandemic when we became their ‘go to’ place for testing, treatment and vaccines. I’m proud that we were able to step up for our community and fill this need during such an uncertain time. Those same patients are now realizing that we deliver the same convenient booking and quality care in our urgent care and at our primary care clinics. Innovative Care is far more than just a COVID clinic. We offer primary care, urgent care and therapy services, which cover 90 percent of your everyday health care needs. 


We also have a number of specialty clinics, including MedSpas, a medical cannabis certification clinic and a psychedelics clinic for the treatment of depression. Appointments are easy to book online, and you can choose the appointment type that’s best for your schedule and medical needs: MessageRX, video visits or an in-person appointment.


Thank you, Chicago, for trusting us with your COVID care. We were proud to serve you and we will continue to be here for your health care needs in the future.

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