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Excedrin Shortage: Is your migraine medicine in short supply? Dr. Khare shares alternatives

Excedrin Shortage

Excedrin Shortage

Anyone who suffers from migraines knows that they can derail your entire day (or days) very quickly. That’s why many fans of the popular pain reliever, Excedrin, may initially panic when they hear the company has temporarily halted production of the over-the-counter medication. But don’t worry, there are alternatives.

“Excedrin is simply a combination of aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine,” said Dr. Rahul Khare of Innovative Care.  “Frequent migraine sufferers should be able to find relief by taking a regular strength acetaminophen, like Tylenol, along with an aspirin, followed by a cup of coffee. If you have never experienced a migraine before however, contact your doctor.”

Migraines plague thousands of Americans and are a common cause of missed days at work. If you experience frequent migraines and have not found something to effectively relieve your pain, schedule an appointment today. The team at Innovative Express Care is available to discuss traditional therapies, as well as treatments such as medical cannabis and Botox, which have allowed many patients to break free from the grip of regular migraines.