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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

A one-two punch for your mental health.



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About Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Both talk therapy and psychedelics can be used to treat severe anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mood disorders. Pairing these treatments together may lead to even better outcomes.

Psychedelic assisted therapy is often used for treatment-resistant diagnoses. Psychedelics work by interacting with neurotransmitter receptors in the brain. Psychedelics are administered at a low dose under close medical supervision. Psychedelics have been shown to relax the mind, allowing patients to disengage. Studies have shown that psychedelic treatment, combined with psychotherapy, can be successful in reducing anxiety and depression.


What to Expect

The psychedelic experience is unique to each person, but many patients cite feeling disconnected, as if they are observing their mind and body from outside versus from within. It is often described as a calming experience. 

Therapy is a partnership and a safe place. During your initial appointment, we will discuss the reason for your visit and collaborate to identify your treatment goals. Our priority is to offer a therapeutic environment that is compassionate, empathic, and safe. While building a foundation of trust so we can work with you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

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Does Your Insurance Cover Therapy at Innovative Care?

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Why Innovative Therapy?

Compassionate Care From Certified Therapists

Our therapists have spent decades providing behavioral and specialized therapy to individuals looking for a change. When you’re ready for change, you can trust that at Innovative you’ll have a therapist who works to understand your challenges and provide tools to overcome them.

Other benefits include:

ADD/ADHD Evaluation

Proven, effective and comprehensive assessment, treatment and symptom management for your attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

PTSD Diagnosis

Dependable assessment and diagnosis of PTSD by a medical professional.

Talk Therapy

Trusted, skilled and compassionate providers to help with your behavioral health needs.


Secure appointments from the comfort of your home.


Flexible hours that include early morning and evening appointments that fit your lifestyle.

Innovative Treatment Options

Accessible medical card & ketamine treatment options for approved conditions.

“Psychedelic assisted therapy brings two proven techniques together for even more impactful results.”

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